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About Me (Introduction)

Hi there,

I’m Muhammad Usman, A Professional Web Developer | Designer |Google AdSense Scientist and Blog consultant from Punjab, Pakistan. Doing Blogging Since 7 years But Don’t do in a professional way.

I’m the owner of so many websites and blogs over the Internet.

I’m an Internet Marketer, Digital Marketer, SEO Consultant, WordPress Theme Designer, Professional Blogger and Motivational Speaker.

I started my blogs to help those who want to do something big in their life.

I have 5 years of experience in Online Field! I start my Blogging Career in 2009 as Health & Beauty Blogger with Free Blogger platform, But After getting success day by day I move to WordPress.

About This Blog:

In this Blog, I write about SEO, Blogging, WordPress, Make Money Online etc.

Also, I ‘ll share some case studies, WordPress themes, SEO & Blogging Courses. I take interviews of professional bloggers to motivate you to not never give up.

Because many Newbies put their hard work, start Blogs and then stop.

Because they are not getting success.

Blogging is not a short way to make Money as many of the folks think. You have to work hard and hard if you want to get success.


SCIENTIST | Google AdSense | Blog | Web Developer | Designer | SEO | EXPERT || Staff Author at lynda.com

My area of interest is Web Development, Designing, Google AdSense Support, SEO, Social media, Blogging, Technology and some other related stuff.

You will see me writing most of the time at+WeWordpress.

A Web Designer, Blogger, SEO Analyst & Computer Instructor who currently live in Lahore, Pakistan.

He was working online for last 3 years. He mostly writes at WeWordPress &Wicked Facts about making money online, Blogging, Office, Web Designing, SEO & Web Development.

Since you are here, let’s get to know each other better: I started my online career in 2012 on a BlogSpot blog and within 10 months,

I saw the immense career opportunity by working online and in March 2013,

I decided to join the league of professional Bloggers of Pakistan.

Apart from Blogging, I offer Web Designing, Development Works, Blog and SEO consultancy to the private firm and individual bloggers.

How I Start My Professional Blogging Career:

Well Back in 2014, I am in front of my laptop searching for how to make and then learn a quite a little about different methods.

But I like blogging so start getting word about blogging like how making the blog, how to earn with blogs. I am also searching about SEO, watch almost 300+ different SEO courses to learn new and new tips and tricks that are widely used in SEO.

I am also searching about SEO, watch almost 300+ different SEO courses to learn new and new tips and tricks that are widely used in SEO.

Social Profiles:

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  • Twitter= “https://twitter.com/malikwebexpert”
  • G+ Profile= “https://plus.google.com/+MalikMuhammadUsman”

More About Me:

I’m Muhammad UsmanGoogle AdSense Scientist And Enabling publishers to earn revenue from their online content.

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We’ll share news and tips, and offer you exclusive Hangouts with members of the AdSense team.

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Well, here on Google+ you will mostly find me talking crazy stuff about Development, Blogging, SEO, Social media and sometimes I might post a funny picture which will make your day…

Why don’t you know me better by circling me and dropping a quick hi?

Best Regards,

Muhammad Usman Mazhar