Google App Shows Error That This domain has already been registered

Google App Shows Error

Google App Shows Error

Google App Shows Error, This domain has already been registered. We have talked about how to sign up for Email address under your domain name, but the chances are high when you will take after the first step, you might get an error like this.

This field has already been registered with Google Apps.  Please contact your domain administrator for instructions on using Google Apps with this area.

The probabilities are high that your domain was used earlier and someone used the Google apps for the domain.

How to bring rid of Google Apps Domain Registration error?

Well, it is actually a very simple process.  Open this link, replace the domain name with your sphere name:

  • On the following page, click on Can’t access your account.
  • On the next page, click on, reset your administrator password.
  • After word verification, it will ask you for an email and uploading HTML file to your web server..
  • I hope you are familiar with uploading and downloading file using FTP. If not, have a look at Filezilla: Free FTP client
    Once you have answered everything right, you will get an email from Google team within 24 hours to the email account you have mentioned.

If this is your first time you are using this domain, for security purpose Make sure that

  • Change the secondary email
  • Cancel all other existing users.

If you face whatever problem or trouble, do let me know.



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