Top Reasons: Why Do New Bloggers Fail In Blogging?

New Bloggers Fail in Blogging

Getting success in blogging is one of most challenging task for everyone and then I approach some experts I know and ask this question.

Not a day goes by where you see a blogger getting views and likes in masses and earning a nice amount of money on the side.

And all they have to do, to generate that audience and money, is talk about things they see in life.

You can’t even go through 3 pictures on your Instagram account, without finding out someone famous in the blogging community.

Some are even featured on billboards, on high streets and the expression for certain brand products.

Being the unique individual that you are, you decide to create your own blog and start documenting your life and experiences, to make a living from it.

After all, it seems comfortable enough to write a blog post occasionally and snap a few pictures here and there, as the rest picks up on its own.

Top Reasons: Why Do New Bloggers Fail in Blogging?

My best advice for new bloggers is to find a mentor or hire a coach that will operate with them one-on-one.  Doing this will permit them to fast-track their success!

I get many excellent answers, and I hope you will also get benefits and never serve these things if you want to get success in blogging.

Let’s read answers.

Lack of Creativity:

As bloggers, we must be able to be creative and come upward with new ideas on our own. Great and successful bloggers don’t just follow the norm, they all have their own thoughts, they are creative in one form or the other which is what leads to their success.

Many bloggers attempt to build traffic to their blog using only strategies like blog commenting, social bookmarking etc…

Not that all these things don’t work anymore, they play quite effectively but are already saturated so in order to achieve success more easily you have to come up with something different.

Lack of Goal:

So many bloggers fail to see the importance of having goals. A goal is a plan of what you hope to achieve at a specific point in time.

You might want to have 1000 daily unique visitors, but when?  You have to have a time-frame for goal and you should try as much as possible not to limit yourself with your destination.

You should also understand that faith without work is nothing so while setting your goals; try to work towards achieving your goal.

Lack of Passion:

Lack of passion is one of the major reasons why most bloggers fail online, they don’t have any love for blogging, and they just began blogging because they saw a particular “popular blogger” make six figures blogging.

They only gave way into blogging because of the money. Passion is a key element to successful blogging so you have to make sure you are blogging about your rage.

Your passion must not be too insane rather; I mean not what others don’t wish. If you blog about what no other person loves then there is no how you can get people to your blog.

You have to look for what is closer to your passion and evolve a strong affection towards it, in this form it will become part of you soon.

It is also very important to blog about your passion so that you will not stop blogging soon.

Lack of Personality:

You should not fail to see the importance of personality in your blog; try to be as personal as possible. Blogs are not a medium for scamming, blogs are used to establish your credibility and establish yourself.

If you believe you can just setup a blog with the intention of scamming people, then you are deceiving yourself.

Use your real name, add a photo of yourself, don’t use another person writing style.  Be yourself and yourself simply.

It is also really important to have an about page which will tell your readers more about you.

“You cannot be me and I cannot be you, Try to be yourself.”Click To Tweet

Greed to Earn:

Many new bloggers only start blogging with the intention to earn which is why they take leave after not earning enough within a short period of time.

Your main intention for blogging should not simply be to earn or make money from your blog, but rather to impact lives, establish yourself as an authority and some other valuable things.

You shouldn’t just expect to eat without working; your blog is not merely a platform to make you eat while being lazy. Get off yourself that old mentality: “make money doing nothing”.

I don’t suppose it is possible to make money doing nothing, try to give value, build your trust, gain credibility for yourself and you will reap the rewards.

Lack of Concentration:

Many bloggers fail to concentrate on one blog, they motivate to another one without having success with the first one. Stop building “thousands” of blogs focus on one.

If you have set up your first blog, you can then move to another one.

It takes a lot to build a successful blog and focusing your attention on too many blogs at a time won’t do you any good.

You now consider why so many bloggers fail, learn from the above points and try to avoid them as much as possible and I bet you will be successful in “no time”

Ignoring SEO:

Oh!  Do you want to establish that great empire?  But you have forgotten that it is only a few drops of rainfall that fill the bucket.

You hate Google, you hate Yahoo and you hate all those search engines, you simply don’t like them.

You are human, so why should you be working for robots.

You are not deceiving me, but are just deceiving yourself.

Try to learn SEO and employ it to your benefit, you will love yourself for it.

Another great secret is that search engine traffic is one of the best characters of traffic you can ever have because those who come through search engines are very desperate for information and are ready to stay if you give them what they want.

Some Other Important Reasons: Why New Bloggers Fail In Blogging

Here’s a list of things most new bloggers forget, ignore or fall into, which usually is also the reason they never earn any income and give up eventually.

The only reason new bloggers go bad in blogging is a lack of consistency and motivation.

I feel they need to be consistent with what they manage and eventually, two things will happen:

People will start liking or taking interest in what they are writing. They will continue to improve, the more you write, the more you will grow, the more you will critique yourself and will recognize the mistakes you were doing before.

  1. Lack of consistency.
  2. Lack of Patience (Need instant Money).
  3. Lack of Knowledge about SEO.
  4. Investment Problem
  5. Backlinks Problem
  6. Confused To Work On Which Niche.
  7. Lack of English Skills.
  8. Preference To Earning Rather Of Learning.
  9. Select highly competitive niche.
  10. Improper Planing.
  11. No link building.
  12. Don’t believe in them.
  13. Improper on page SEO techniques.
  14. Over keyword stuffing.
  15. No budget for paying for software for it.
  16. No budget for paying Web Hosting.
  17. Don’t promote their content, writing is not everything, promotion is an art too.
  18. Don’t follow the passion rather money, that in return, fail them.
  19. Wrong niche selection
  20. No use of Outbound links.
  21. Not willing to work hard.
  22. They choose a niche of good CPC instead of Good Knowledge.
  23. Passion is what where you work regardless either you will be paid or not.
  24. Confused about which way to go.
  25. They don’t read new things.
  26. Most don’t even know what is their interest.
  27. And much more.

Many Of The New Bloggers Fail In Blogging, Here are several causes:

  • They don’t have enough sources
  • They want to get quick money without having enough experience.
  • They are thinking that blogging is easy to just post and earn money.
  • They following to upload many kinds of stuff without SEO which cause him don’t rank.
  • They keep less time to his her blog.
  • They can’t produce quality content.
  • They are just want to learn and don’t learn something for earning.
  • Their niche doesn’t allow him to rank so they disgrace.
  • They don’t make a table or idea for their regular work on the blog.
  • They suffering from some technical issue which he/she can’t understand and become fail.

All above causes make him/her inferiority complex and they fail and leave the blogging.

So the only point or suggestion from my side keeps on doing the good work, regardless of how much smaller audience they have.

Just keep on exercising, keep on writing. Success will occur eventually! Good luck to everyone!

My Personal Experience: 

I set off my serious blogging journey 4 years ago.

  • I was unaware of the point how to commence.
  • I was disconcerted with a platform which I launch my blog either on WordPress or Blogger or any other.
  • I focused on creating content rather than advertising a piece of content that I already published.
  • Few things I did to improve my content, but that’s also wrong methods that I succeeded. Most people fail due to lack of marketing skills.
  • Lack of proper planning let me put that blog on hold.
  • I didn’t take the audience to whom I want to target.
  • Making money from blogging is the game of my left hand.  Ha-ha, this was my worst fault.

If someone else who started blogging simply for money might have left in between. My love and passion for writing that I am still hustling in this highly competitive area.

These are affairs that every newbie blogger (including me) didn’t understand at the time they land into blogging journey.

I have experienced a few bloggers who do false self-promotion saying that they earn ‘X’ amount which is actually not the case.

“Just focus on your work and let the money stream. You need not prove it to the world.”

Every newbie blogger tries to do all the stuff at first guess.

Firstly, they should write quality content at least 10-15 post before starting their blog; they should relate with other blogger and see what extra they can do what others are missing.

Blogging is simple, but not easy you have written good content, Optimize it, learning. Share your content and build your blog as a platform all learners and reader so keep on learning.

Successful Blogging Tips: 

Many of newbie’s come to the blogging field via seeing someone successful. The main thing attracts them is the luxury life, a successful blogger’s life.

They don’t think of the back-end efforts of days and nights.

So the peak of concern here is the hard work.

I think they don’t aim to be hard worker rather than a rich soul.

I don’t discourage them, only the thing is; have they enough determination to stay with their goals?

Have they firm beliefs in themselves to be successful single day?

I’ve some tips for them in this aspect:

  1. Make a plan to act upon.
  2. Set your goals and choose clear or straight forward direction.
  3. Do their best, with a firm believe?
  4. Trust of Allah, The Creator.

Final Words:

Wow, what a long post, but I hope this post will help with your new task. Just follow these above tips and do what the experts said.

Try connecting with bloggers, comment on their posts, learn from them and pick their minds. Go through older posts and understand what they can teach you.

Eventually, it will click and you’re merely a step away from becoming an authority in your niche yourself.

You have all the resources and skills it needs to know how to start a blog that will make you money.

Once you find your path, you should amaze to it and not get distracted by the many other options, possibilities and ways of earning an online income.

Do these things and you are considerably ahead of many other bloggers that fail within the first few months.

It’s a matter of, persistence and patience.

I hope in future you will get huge success and people surely visit your blogs for large content.

Just believe in yourself and trust in GOD.

Do hard work not search for shortcuts because shortcuts do not afford you success.

Someone said that do hard work and GOD’S do the respite.

Let me know in the comments that what you learn I am excited to experience.

Now, finally, I suggest you to continue to blog. Happy Blogging 🙂


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